Thursday, 16 April 2015

New Dads' Interest in Sex Often Drops After Childbirth: Study

The joy of having a baby cannot be quantified; same goes for the stress it brings.

The fatigue and stress of being a new parent often causes a loss of desire in the partners of birth mothers. New fathers make love less often, and it seems that the better they are at being a dad, the less sex they end up having.

Lee Gettler, of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, tracked the lives and hormones of 433 young men from the  Philippine islands. He found that the most testosterone-fuelled men were also the most likely to become fathers.

However after having a baby their levels of the male sex hormone dropped – along with the amount of sex they had.

Dr Gettler added that the drop in libido could well be nature’s way of stopping the new father from straying (with hormone levels returning to normal within 1-2 years).

Researchers have typically focused on birth mothers as a negative influence on their male partner's sexual desire, maybe due to breast-feeding, lack of interest or postpartum vaginal issues, but now we know it is most likely due to fatigue, stress and lack of free time.

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