Friday, 17 April 2015

Man Escapes Being Charged With 22 Sex Attacks On Children Because He Has Alzheimer's

Former Labour, MP Greville Janner allegedly preyed on vulnerable boys at three Leicester care homes between 1969 and 1988; the youngest of whom was only 10.

Alleged victims said the politician used his hobby as a keen amateur magician to befriend and abuse them. One man claimed he was tied up and raped and others said they were violently groped and fondled against their will.

In 2009, Lord Janner was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and now requires constant care. His friend, entertainer Uri Geller, 68, said, ‘The man’s mind is out, finished, totally erased.’

But furious victims reacted with outrage after the Crown Prosecution Service said it would not try the former Leicester MP because he was suffering so much from Alzheimer’s that he could not even understand any charges against him, let alone answer them.

They accused bungling authorities of helping to cover up the crimes of a once powerful man and destroying any hope they had of justice. Child protection campaigners, MPs, police and victims said they would challenge the decision in the courts.

Lord Janner voted in the Lords 210 times between his Alzheimer’s diagnosis and the end of 2013, suggesting he might have been fit to stand trial if the authorities had acted sooner.

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