Friday, 24 April 2015

Makeup that makes you look unwell

Known as 'byojaku face', the Asian trend involves making yourself look a bit under the weather, and is hugely popular in Japan.

Rather than sweeping blusher diagonally along the cheekbone from mouth, or even dabbing it on the apples of your cheeks, the new place for it to go is directly underneath your eyes.

The red around the eyes gives the impression that its wearer is slightly unwell or as if they've been crying, and in need of looking after.

Author Kanako Kirita wrote: 'According to Japanese school girls, a sickly face consists of pale skin, worried brows, and slightly tinted cheeks and lips.
'This look gives off the unapproachable, damsel in distress vibe that makes people want to protect them.'

Other sickly makeup trends include aegyo sal, which involves women who do not have a natural pouch under their eyes creating one with a bit of crafty shading or tape.

The puffy eyebag look is said to make you look a little bit tired, as if you've been having trouble sleeping. The trend is especially popular In Korea.

Care to try it out? Lol

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