Monday, 20 April 2015

Kano State awards N470 million Naira contract for supply of drugs

The Kano State Drugs and Medical Consumables Supply Agency has awarded a N470 million contract to drug manufacturing companies, said the Managing Director of the agency, Alhaji Magaji Zarena in a meeting with journalists last Friday.

He said the companies were expected to supply the drugs to the agency on quarterly basis throughout the year so as to maintain the prices.

"We buy and sell drugs to government facilities, both primary and secondary health care facilities, under the drugs revolving fund scheme."

"We have an agreement with the drug companies that if there is an increase in price of drugs it will not affect the agency and it will benefit our clients and the price will be maintained throughout the year," he said.

He also said the agency would soon move to its new site at Ungoggo road where it planned to have a warehouse and manufacturing unit.

A really big contract, I must say. Hope the hospitals get "all the drugs" and not just some "individuals."

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