Monday, 27 April 2015

HIV: Home test kit now available

Home test kits for HIV are now available in the UK and no doubt will be distributed worldwide soon. The tests are as easy to use as the popular home pregnancy kit and give results within 15 minutes.

However, the test may not detect infections that have occurred within the last three months, so it is recommended that those at high-risk get tested every three months. Also, all positive results will need to be confirmed by a health care professional.

How do they work?

The test checks for antibodies for HIV, an immune response that occurs if a person is infected. The test requires a small drop of blood and delivers results in just 15 minutes.  One line means the test is negative, two means that the test may be positive.

I think this test is uber-great for those afraid of getting tested in a hospital and for screening new sex partners at home.

All together a great product from Bio-Sure.

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