Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Have More Sex And You May Have A Baby Boy


A Cambridge Professor may have the answer to couples hoping to have a baby boy. He recently expounded on an old theory on why more male babies are born.

His study, based on 300 years of statistics, starting from the 1800s, concluded that more male babies were born after wars and more female babies were born during periods of prolonged parental stress.

A major finding in his study were two significant spikes in the delivery of male babies during the two World wars in the UK and several other countries.

Obviously during, and just after, major wars sex was crammed into brief periods of leave.

He explained that, a woman's peak fertile period is about two days before ovulation, so if a couple have a lot of sex, conception is likely to occur early in the peak fertile period and any conception during the peak fertile period has a greater chance of being a boy.

The reverse is the case with girls, have less sex and you may have a baby girl. Stress and poor finances can dampen a couples' sex life which may explain why more female babies are born during periods of stress.

I think a lot of couples will be willing put this theory to test.

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