Thursday, 23 April 2015

Ebola Health Workers Killed In Guinea Get Justice

Eight Ebola relief workers killed in Guinea, last year finally get 'some' justice as  eleven people responsible for their murders were sentenced to life in prison and 15 acquitted.

They met with an untimely death during an outreach in a remote community, Womey. Some of the villagers erroneously believed they had come to infect them with Ebola and within 24 hours, an angry mob brandishing machetes, stones, and knives lashed out at them.

Some of the relief workers were lucky enough to escape to nearby villages but others were not. Three had their throats slashed and two days later, eight bodies were found in the latrine system of the local school. Among the dead, three local radio journalists, two medical officers, and a preacher.

Prosecutor Williams Fernandez said he was “very satisfied with the decisions that have been taken” at the sentencing late on Tuesday.

They died a grisly death trying to save others- Really sad.

May their souls rest in peace!

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