Friday, 24 April 2015

Children's eyesight affected by spending too much time indoors

For many years, reading from books and computers for long periods were thought to be the cause of poor eyesight but studies have found it's beyond that. The reason these two activities caused poor eyesight was because they happened indoors.

With children spending more time indoors than ever, rather than outdoors playing with their friends, shortsightedness (myopia) rates were on the rise prompting a research to know why.

Chinese scientists found that children who spent an extra 40 minutes outside playing (under natural sunlight) had a 23 percent reduction in myopia.

Similar studies in Australia and Ohio State University gave similar results.

There are several other studies showing that lack of daylight might be the principal reason why children become more short-sighted, rather than prolonged reading.

I bet many kids will be ecstatic with these studies.

So you know what to do, let the kids play outdoors  and save their sight.

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