Friday, 24 April 2015

"Cheap sunglasses caused my cancer"

A mother-of-two who lost her eye to skin cancer is warning people against the dangers of wearing cheap sunglasses.

From Daily mail:

Deborah Kane, from Tyldesley, Manchester, had her right eye removed three years ago in a life-saving nine-hour operation to stop the cancer spreading to her brain.

The 46-year-old teaching assistant believes her cancer developed from getting badly burned on holiday

Debbie, who recently filmed a segment about her ordeal for an upcoming TV show called ‘Fake Britain’, says: 'I want to warn other women of the dangers of buying cheap sunglasses. The decision cost me my eye.
'But I know I’ve been lucky, because through losing my eye, my life was saved.'

To celebrate her recovery, Debbie held an aptly named ‘Eye Ball’ and named each table after a part of the eye.

Debbie’s problems first began when she was 24 and had a cancerous mole removed from her neck.
She was given the all-clear and put it behind her. Debbie went on to have two children, Annabel, now 14, and Charlie, eight.

But in December 2011, aged 42, she began to suffer with blurred vision. She was eventually diagnosed with a malignant melanoma behind her right eye.

Debbie says: 'My mind immediately went back to a teenage holiday in Lanzarote when I had been badly sunburned. I had blistered very badly on my neck, which was exactly the same place where I’d first had skin cancer.
'I had scrimped on sunglasses too; I bought cheap ones because they were trendy – but they didn’t protect my eyes at all.
'I used to buy lots of them every time I went on holiday because they only cost a couple of euros. I binned them all as soon as I was diagnosed with cancer.

Her consultant believes that Debbie’s eye and leg tumours were both caused by rogue cells from the original tumour in her neck.

She is now cancer-free but has to stay out of the sun, and wears a patch over her eye, as she's never felt comfortable with a prosthetic eye.
'The way I see it, losing my eye saved my life. I just hope my story can save someone else.'

I lean towards the rogue cells theory rather than the sunglasses. Malignant cancer cells can send seedlings throughout the body and with the neck so close to the eye, it's most likely the cause here.

What's your take?

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