Friday, 17 April 2015

Case Of Tuberculosis At Methuen High School

Methuen school officials are asking nearly 200 people get tested for tuberculosis after someone at the high school tested positive for the infection.

School district and health officials sent a letter home to those who are believed to be at the greatest risk of exposure, including students and staff who had close, extended contact with the infected person.

Tuberculosis is bacterial infection that often creates symptoms of a chronic cough, fever, fatigue and weight loss.

Through an investigation, the school district and the health department identified 170 people who may have been exposed.

The health department recommended that students who received the letter get tested for the infection.

Tuberculosis can be diagnosed through a series of tests, including chest X-rays, skin and blood tests.

Methuen public schools are offering free blood or skin tests at the high school next week, or families can chose see their own physicians.

A recorded message was also sent out to families, and it said tuberculosis is treatable and the likelihood of spreading it person to person is low.

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