Monday, 13 April 2015

Can You Guess Why Babies Cry At Night?

Babies cry at night for Food? Diaper change?  Both false, according to Harvard University scientists.
In their report, they said, babies are programmed to monopolise their mother’s attention, and making parents too tired for a romantic night together is a way of preventing the arrival of a new sibling. 

The report claims breastfeeding at night can extend a mother’s post-birth infertility, known as amenorrhoea. 

Author Professor David Haig explained that waking up at night increases from 6 months in an infant's life and is more pronounced for breastfed babies.

Most women start weaning babies of breast milk at 6 months which reduces the contraceptive efficiency of breastfeeding (lactational amenorrhoea), so the woman could get pregnant.

He said this suggests waking at night to suckle is an ‘adaptation of infants to extend their mother’s amenorrhoea, thus delaying the birth of a younger sibling and enhancing infant survival’.

The study was published in the Oxford Journals.

Nature is indeed

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