Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Bisi Alimi defends tourists and migrants seeking free treatment in the UK

Bisi Alimi, 40, the popular Nigerian gay rights activist, was diagnosed with HIV in 2004 but was unable to access treatment in Nigeria for fear of discrimination. Since 2007 when he sought asylum in the UK, he has been enjoying free HIV care.

In a recent TV debate, Nigel Farage, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party (Ukip) said the UK wanted a better "quality" of immigrant. People without life -threatening illnesses, nil criminal records with medical insurance.

Just last October Mr Farage came under heavy criticism for saying, it would be “a good start” to stop HIV sufferers from entering the UK

In an interview with The Independent, Mr Alimi expressed his hot displeasure with Mr Farage's remarks, saying that the majority of people with HIV who come to the UK would have no idea they were entitled to free treatment for their condition.

“When I came to this country in 2007 I was running away from being killed. I love my country and I want to make change at home, but there was an attempt on my life. I thought, ‘If I’m going to stay alive I’ve got to leave my country.’ I had no idea that I could claim asylum, and that I could have access to treatment.”

“Being told [in the UK] that I could be in treatment without stigma has changed my life.”

Click to read more on NHS proposed ban on tourists and migrants.

Some comments on his interview below:

  • This makes my blood boil. WHY should this Nigerian have treatment before many cancer patients in the UK who are paid into he NHS all their life.Nigeria shoud be forced to look after their own with all those vast oil reserves, instead of using the money to plough into weaponry and various white elephants and huge corruption.I want my NHS subs to treat British Nationals and, if necessary, my family before this Nigerian.Sorry but we are not a Global Heath Service. Using this sort of argument carries absolutely no weight at all but highlights how our own British people have been wronged.
  • Lets stop everyone at our borders and turn them all back, as we already approx. 20 million overcrowded.… 
  • Nothing wrong with that as these migrants should be seeking treatment in the first friendly country they land in and that is NOT Britain.

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