Wednesday, 8 April 2015

10+ Beauty and Lifestyle Tips

 Hi guys, today we'll look at some common beauty and lifestyle hacks. Some you may know already but if you don't, you are in luck.

1.  Dry cleansing wipes? Don't throw them away.
Moisten them with some water to reactivate them and they'll take off dirt and makeup easily again.

2. After brushing, brush your lips in a circular motion to smoothen them. Your lips will be softer, smoother and lipstick will look better than ever. Guess who else will love your smooth lips...

3. Wait till your foundation dries before applying powder to prevent looking "caked".

4. Stop your necklace from tangling by putting them in a straw. You can cut a long straw in two to use    this way if you don't have a bendy one.
6. Stop your eyelash from clumping when applying mascara. Simply run your mascara wand under warm running water and it will be as good as new.

7.  Mixing up keys? Paint them with different nail colours to tell them part.

8. Get rid of fuzz on clothes with a shaving stick. It's really fast and makes your clothes look new again.

9. Coat the insides of your ring with clear nail polish to avoid getting that green discolouration on your finger.

10. Tie scarves on a hanger to save space.

11. Apply a white pencil on your eyelid and blend before applying eyeshadow. It enhances your look.

12. Use foundation on your eyelids if you don't have an eye makeup base.

13.  Take off eye makeup with coconut oil and save money on an eye makeup remover. It also works to remove makeup on your face.

14. Cracked heels? Apply shea butter, slip on a plastic bag and socks. Give it a minimum of an hour to work.

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