Saturday, 7 March 2015

Some Surprising Medical Conditions

Super Toddlers 

These children have increased muscle mass and exceptional strength as a result of myostatin-related muscular hypertrophy; a very rare condition with only two documented cases in children: one American and a German. 

The condition arises from a deficiency or mutation in myostatin, also known as growth and differentiation factor 8 (GDF-8)  which is  responsible for regulating muscle growth all through human life. 

Blue People

Blue skin pigmentation is a real phenomenon and is the result of congenital methemoglobinemia, at least in Caucasians. People with this disorder produce an abnormally high amount of methemoglobin, a form of hemoglobin, in the blood. That causes their blood to take on a brown hue, and their skin a blue one. 

An extremely rare condition with a prevalence of 1 per 8 million live births. The condition causes babies to age at an accelerated rate with most dying before 13 years from complications of atherosclerosis like heart attacks and stroke.

Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis
It is a rare, inherited disorder that predisposes patients to widespread Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection and  cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas. Malignant skin tumours develop in 30 - 70% of these patients between 20 - 40 years. 


Although most sufferers of this ailment have a genetic mutation, the condition can also be acquired as a side-effect of medication. 
cases, people with this disease have hair covering their entire body, some people are exhibit follicular excess only on a part of the body. There are fewer than 50 known cases of this disorder.

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