Sunday, 22 March 2015

Singapore's Founding Prime Minister's Health Worsens

Lee Kuan Yew has weakened further, the Prime Minister's Office said in an update on Sunday (Mar 22) morning.

The Republic's first Prime Minister has been at the Singapore General Hospital for 46 days now. He was admitted on Feb 5 with severe pneumonia, and has been on mechanical ventilation since Feb 21.

Mr Lee's condition took a turn for the worse on Tuesday, when he contracted an infection. On Wednesday, the PMO said his condition had "deteriorated further" and that he remained "critically ill" in the Intensive Care Unit. By Saturday, his condition had taken a turn for the worse, the PMO said.

Meanwhile, thousands of Singaporeans visited his hospital and a community center to leave flowers, gifts and emotional messages of support.

Lee Kuan is credited with transforming Singapore into a wealthy country with a bustling economy and is highly regarded and loved by his people.


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