Saturday, 28 March 2015

Man with 100 flesh eating maggots inside his nose (graphic video)

A man had more than 100 flesh-eating maggots removed from his nose which, left untreated, would have destroyed his face.

As the gruesome video below reveals, the wriggling creatures were buried deep in the 65-year-old’s sinuses.

The man, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, was suffering from nasal myasis – where the nose and sinuses become infested with the larvae of flies. Doctors reporting on his case in the New England Journal of Medicine recorded the video after inserting a camera inside his nasal cavity.
He had come to them complaining, among other things, of worms coming out of his nose. He was also HIV and hepatitis C positive.

See video only if you are brave enough to (warning- very graphic).

Nasal myasis is where flies lay their eggs in or around a person’s nose, and they hatch into maggots.
The maggots feed off human flesh and if left untreated, can chew and destroy the bones and soft tissues of the face, nose and eyes.
This can lead to infection in the eyes and brain, and occasionally cause meningitis and even death.

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