Monday, 16 March 2015

Lagos State Doctors Go on Strike

Medical doctors in Lagos State have initiated an indefinite strike today, after a 10 day ultimatum to the government.

The doctors are protesting the non-payment of their salaries for 2 months during a nationwide doctors' strike action and the suspension of their residency training.

The Lagos State government had suspended the doctors' salaries in line with the "No work, No pay" policy of the government and till date, refused to pay up, in contrast to the Federal government and other state governments who paid the doctors in their employ.

During the strike, the Medical Guild chairman said, doctors would provide only emergency services and there would not be regular clinics and consultations. Also, doctors in the Federal hospitals may later participate in the strike as a sign of solidarity.

With the Lagos State Government resolved not to pay the doctors,it seems this impasse will take longer than usual to resolve with innocent citizens suffering unnecessarily.

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