Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Eggs Are Safer Than You Thought

Recent scientific evidence has proved that while chicken eggs may contain cholesterol, healthy people can eat up to 6 eggs a day without increasing their risk of heart disease. However, diabetics may have an increased risk of heart disease with increased egg consumption.
In the past, dietary cholesterol was thought to be important in raising the risk of heart disease because blood cholesterol levels predicted the risk of heart disease. Based on the logic that the cholesterol we eat would raise blood levels of cholesterol, blood cholesterol would lead to plaques and then heart attacks, eating eggs were discouraged or the cholesterol-rich yolks would be removed before eating.

Walter Willett, Chair of the Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health's Nutrition Department said, "the relationship between cholesterol in diet and cholesterol in blood is quite weak. If you raise dietary cholesterol by 100 percent, you just may get a 10 percent rise in blood cholesterol. So it is not at all a one-to-one relationship." Also, there has been no study to show that people who eat more eggs have a higher risk of heart attack.

Most of the danger associated with eating eggs comes from the oil used in frying (saturated and trans fats which are rich in cholesterol) and the accompanying meals like bacon and sausages which have a high salt content.

Hope this effectively puts the "egg myth to rest."

For more information, see Here, Here and Here.

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