Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A depressed mother slits her throat in a public supermarket

A 36 year old mother-of-three, slit her own throat today in Asda supermarket, West Yorkshire. An inquest into her death has heard that, Sobia Yousef was suffering from a breakdown following the death of her daughter, who she was convinced was the victim of black magic.

About 8:35am, Mrs Yousef arrived at the store. She headed to the homeware aisle where she took a knife from the shelf and plunged it into her neck, to the dismay of other shoppers. She was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics shortly afterwards.

Mrs Yousef had been suffering from severe depression and psychotic episodes after her daughter Meweesh Mahmood was admitted to Leeds General Infirmary, West Yorkshire, with severe complications resulting from a congenital heart defect in July 2013.

Bradford Coroner's Court heard that when she had visited her daughter at Leeds General Infirmary, she had alarmed staff there by claiming she could see cats in the room and had frequently called out to God to save her daughter. By the end of July Mrs Yousef had been sectioned under the Mental Health Act after she was diagnosed with severe depression with psychotic symptoms.

The inquest into her case is yet to be concluded.

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