Friday, 13 March 2015

15 Year Old Girl Savagely Attacked

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As the New York Daily News reports, “Dozens of kids and at least two adults watched as four teenage girls brutalized a pint-sized 15-year-old girl in a Brooklyn McDonald’s — but not one made a move to stop it, a shocking video that’s been shared across the globe shows.”

None of the witnesses at the Flatbush Ave. fast-food joint — many of whom were cheering during the after-school onslaught— dialed 911, though McDonald’s workers did call, police said.

The girl has two black eyes and multiple bruises, a police source said. Despite being beaten to a pulp, the teen has refused to talk to police, officials said. She’s apparently afraid of retaliation — some of the girls who attacked her have links to the Young Savages, a violent crew that operates out of Crown Heights, police sources said.

Update- The victim, Ariana Taylor has "apparently" recovered and seems to be enjoying being "famous" for the viral video on facebook. The ringleader of the gang, Aniah Ferguson has also been arrested.

Graphic video of the beating here

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  1. This is very sad... i almost wept when I saw the video...


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