Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Toners, Oh Yes!

There are 3 daily steps in routine skin care: cleanse, tone, moisturize ( exfoliation is also important but it depends on the gentleness of the scrub).

Although toning is often interchangeably used with skin lightening, toning is more than harmonizing skin color. In using a cleanser to get rid of oil, dirt and makeup, your pores are opened to allow your cleanser penetrate your skin. Without using a toner, these pores remain open allowing dirt, oil and makeup to re-clog your pores easily causing breakouts.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use a toner:

1. A toner removes traces of oil and makeup left after cleansing.

2. It shrinks pores preventing impurities and environmental contaminants from getting into the skin.

3. It balances your skin pH (soap is alkaline and our skin is acidic, a cleanser disturbs the pH balance
    of skin causing production of oil).

4. Some toners moisturizer the skin.

Note- Your choice of toner depends on your skin type. Go gentle on your skin.


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