Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Controversial Blue Dress

This dress no doubt has had the most mentions this years with arguments on its true colour.  Like many people, I saw a white and gold dress.
Scientists have come up with reasons for the difference in perception of the dress colour but it still remains a mystery why individual perception of colour differs. One explanation is this: the brain is confused by the original image's washed-out, bluish lighting. Our visual systems intuitively know to filter out normal backgrounds and lighting in order to see the "true" colour of an object- a concept called colour constancy- but the bluish tint to the photo is throwing off that ability for many people.

"The dress might be an accidental example of an illusion" says David Williams, professor of Medical Optics and director of the Centre for Visual Science.

 UPDATE- I found out the dress really is an optical illusion with the colour change depending on how you hold your phone or what angle you are looking from. I can see both colours from different angles.

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