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Ever wondered why your toenail or fingernail became discoloured, stopped growing, hurt a little or made wearing your shoe more painful than usual?  

Well, you are not alone. Many people submissively accept these changes as normal. But just before you do that, I will tell you about Onychomycosis also known as Tinea Unguium
which is a fungal infection of the nail that can present with pain, discomfort, nail disfigurement and limitation of daily activities like standing and walking.

Risk factors include warm climate, participation in fitness activities, prior trauma around nail area (nail polish and artificial nails can cause fungi to thrive), immunosuppression, family history, occlusive footwear etc.

Treatment can be achieved with topical antifungals but better in combination with oral antifungals such as Itraconazole.

Please see your doctor if you have an unhealthy nail for appropriate management.

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