Friday, 27 February 2015

Attractive Men Are More Selfish

Recent study done by researchers at Brunel University in London confirmed the longstanding notion that attractive men are more selfish and less likely to favour equality.This is in contrast to attractive women who showed no greater tendency to being selfish or less interested in equality.
To reach their findings, the team measured the bodies of 63 men and 62 women using a 3D body scanner.

The participants were given attractiveness scores based on their body measurements - including waist-to-chest ratio for men, waist-to-hip ratio for women and slimness.

Participants also completed a personality questionnaire, from which the researchers obtained information on their attitudes and behavior toward selfishness and inequality. As an extra measure, the subjects took part in an experiment, in which they were given money and asked to decide how much they wanted to share with another individual.

From this, the researchers found that men with higher scores on attractiveness were more selfish and less egalitarian than men with lower attractiveness scores. Women with higher attractiveness scores, however, were just as generous and egalitarian than those with lower scores.

The results were published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology (Price et al., 2015).

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